18-31 August | Skyros, Greece

SC3 Music & Arts

Week OneDefine Your Life's Purpose through Colour

Our personality is affected by the qualities of the three specific colours we are born with: Theresa Sundt will guide you to start exploring the qualities of your karmic colour in a creative, rewarding way. Sketching writing, colouring will support your awareness of the qualities you will learn about. This course is offering the ‘aha’ experience; giving you a whole new meaning of your life’s journey.

Week Two: Understand Yourself and Your Relationships through Colour (M&A)

We are all born with four specific, permanent colours that define our personality. We cannot change our colours but we can get full awareness of their qualities and use them as a guide in order to become the best we can be! When we have an understanding of our colours and those of others, we can support our relationships in loving and harmonious ways.
This course is life changing; it will enable you to see the world in a new, positive way with compassion, acceptance and love. Some writing and art are involved. No experience necessary.

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