Color Discovery delivers inspiring talks, courses, events, retreats and products focused on the natural power of colour to enhance our lives with extra awareness and vitality.

Upcoming Events

Morning Meditation in Rottingdean

The Art of Colour Therapy

"The Art of Colour Therapy" book is a practical guide that uses colour as a tool to bring balance to our lives.

Know your colour personality

KNOW YOU COLOUR PERSONALITY offers the extraordinary techniques that reveals the colours of our personality and the effects that colour has on us

Birthday Colour Portraits

These Portraits depict your Personality’s Colours, they are custom made pictures, in best quality yarn and finely woven patterns

The Nine Personality Cards

A set of nine postcards with charming illustrations, depicting each of the nine personalities

Colour Therapy Treatments

Mainstream colour therapy for everyone anywhere – easy to use and super – beneficial for our wellbeing. For personal and professional use.